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About us


Technology and tradition

Our goal was to become a leader in producing manchego cheese. In order to do this, significant investment has been made in our facilities with the latest technology in the sector in automatic milking, maturing and salt control chambers, etc. fulfilling all of the European Union's requirements.


A company ready for the future that has managed to preserve and respect traditional methods and techniques led by master cheese-makers.

Navaloshaces livestock rearing

Producers of Artisanal Manchego Cheese

Manchego Cheese, a jewel of Spanish cuisine, has enjoyed Designation of Origin since 1984. Its special characteristics and exquisite taste have become famous throughout the world. This wonderful food is the result of the quality of its raw materials, the La Mancha climate and the ancestral knowledge of its processors.

The NAVALOSHACES brand was founded in 1994 located in the heart of La Mancha in the province of Ciudad Real where we have our own pastures and herds with over 3,000 head of livestock that produce an extraordinary raw material.

Quality and good work

The result of our efforts is cheeses of superb quality. They have won important awards such as the Gran Selección, at prestigious fairs, Expovicaman Albacete, the National Cheese Fair in Trujillo and Quality contests such as the Manchego Cheese Guild, among others.
Agropecuaria Navaloshaces S.L.
Carretera de Almadén, km 15. 13190 Corral de Calatrava, CIUDAD REAL.